Music is for Adults too !

The best time to start or return to your music journey is now

Piano Tuition

Step by step curriculum to take you from beginner to advanced.

Returner pianists can use the curriculum to clarify where they are starting from, fill the gaps and move forward.

Individual Classes will follow a program based on your personal goals.

Regular Group Workshops and Events.

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Traditional Irish Music

Fiddle – Banjo – Tin Whistle

Individual Tuition – Develop your Technique and Repertoire

Small Group Meetups – Sessions, Projects and performances.

Preparation for SCT or LCM Traditional Music Exams for those who would like an accreditation.


Sheet Music

Music Theory

Practical Theory for Pianists – make friends with Keys, Chords and Improvisation

Develop your listening skills and understand the structure and  context of the Music you play

Become confident with Harmony and Musical Analysis  – tools for the Performer and Composer

 Individual and Group Classes

Learning as an Adult

You get to choose your teacher and the kind of music you want to play

You are motivated to learn and have an idea of what you want to achieve. With a little help from me you can get organised and set out a path to do it.

You have an idea of what you like and might want to play. I have thousands of pieces in my Music Library to share with you but I’m always happy to work on something new or a bit different !

As an adult you will understand musical concepts much quicker

This can be frustrating if the mind is working a bit quicker than the body but it also skips out a lot of ‘reinforcement’ lessons.

Once we clarify exactly what needs to be practised to achieve  results in the most efficient way you can make progress with a lot less practise time than a child.

'Talent' is a bit of a myth - you just need the right tools

I thought that I was no good at certain things  – until I was given the correct tools. I love to show students that they have underestimated themselves .

Thinking about starting music lessons? Take that first step by requesting a call back.

Slow Session

For Improvers to Intermediate level.

Socialise while expanding your repertoire list and getting consistency in your playing.

Contact for further information.

Piano Meet Up

For Piano Students of Intermediate to Early Advanced standard.

Meet with other pianists on the same journey. Play a piece or part of a piece in an informal setting.

Contact for further information

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