If you have a question you would like answered, somebody else probably did too! Here are the answers to the questions I get asked most frequently.


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These are general questions and answeres given will be based on the most typical scenario.

Music is a very broad subject and students can be of any age and will have different musical backgrounds so most music lessons are tailored individually based on what students (or parents are looking to accomplish). Because of this the answer to many of questions I get asked is – it depends! For this reason I always have a discussion with parents /students before they actually commit to lessons.

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Where are lessons held?

My studio is based in Killorglin town where most individual and small group regular weekly lessons are held.

Advanced students may have lessons at my home near Killorglin if we want to use the Grand Piano, are practising for an online theory exam or are doing intensive sessions in the run up to a teaching or performance diploma.

Regular weekly lessons are held in Killarney one or two days a week subject to venue availability.

Larger group classes will take place for a set amount of time (usually a ten week run ) in a rented venue in Killorglin, Killarney or Tralee.

There is more information on time slots and availability here.

How long are the lessons?

Lesson length depends on lesson format and the level of the student.

Recommended lengths for individual lessons are :

30 min Foundation – Elementary

40 min Late Elementary – Intermediate

60 min Late Intermediate – Advanced

Group lesson length will be set based on the size of the group and will usually be for 30min, 40min or an hour.

Overlapped Buddy lessons will be an hour in total  (40min for each child).


Do you take very young children?


I take chidren from the age of 4. 

The balance of musicianship activities  versus learning an instrument will be different depending on how young the child is and how long they have been taking lessons. 

Do you take older beginners?

Yes. I believe you can start learning music at any age.

A discussion before commiting to lessons is useful to get some clarity on what exactly you would like to achieve and how long it is likely to take. There are many different pathways in music all of which take time to explore so it is a good idea to get some focus and consistency. Regular lessons are the best way to do this.

Can I take lessons if I only have a keyboard to practise on?

Yes, you can.

Whether or not it is a good idea to do so depends on what you are hoping to achieve and what level of keyboard you have. 

Can I do lessons in the mornings?

There are a few mid-morning / early afternoon slots each day.

As I teach until 9pm in the evening I don’t do early morning lessons.

Do you take adults who work and have a very irregular schedule?

Whether it is worth your while signing up for regular lessons would really depend on you.

When you pay for lessons you are paying for your weekly reserved slot for the Semester. If you are not able to attend  every scheduled lesson you can avail of an online or a video lesson instead. There are also catchup days during each semester where you could catch up on one or two missed lessons.  You would have to weigh up whether that would work for you.

In the Summer months you can sign up for 5 or 6 lessons over an 8 week period.

There would also be limited availability for a regular weekly or monthly slot. 

I don’t offer ad hoc lessons or a pay as you go option.

Do you give piano lessons to people who just want to prepare for Junior Cert/Leaving Cert?

Yes. There are two situations that arise


If a student who has not previously learned an instrument decides during first year or before the start of second year that they want to play an instrument in the Junior Cert they can take lessons that are focused on this goal. As long  they start by the beginning of second year and think of their practical exam as being worthy of the same time and attention given to every other subject they will be successful.

Already playing Piano

In a situation where a student has been self learning or hasn’t had lessons in a while they can start lessons focused on Junior/Leaving Cert in the academic year before the state exam year. If they want to move their pieces up an extra level they can opt to take lessons during the Summer in between also.

The academic year when the exam is taking place is too late to get used to a new teacher and for the teacher to be able to accurately assess what the student can cope with learning in six months.

The exception to this is a student who suddenly loses a teacher and has already started preparing their Junior/Leaving Cert program. This does require a lot of commitment from the student including being prepared to do longer lessons or lessons over a holiday period if time has been lost.


What is the price for a lesson?

I charge by the Term rather than by the lesson. A term will consist of a regular slot for lessons and a number of workshops, performance events and catchup days.

Cost depends on lesson format, length, resources included and the length of the term being charged for.

Acess the current price list here.

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