Starting off the Right Way

Early Learners  – Get Ready to Play


Learning Solfa and Pitch recognition with Kodaly inspired activities



Consolidate new ideas using Whole Body Learning

Sheet Music


Colourful resources with fun activities to reinforce learning

Pre-Instrumental Classes for 5 to 7 year olds

These classes are aimed at children who are interested in progressing to Piano.

Stage 1 – Meet Music – Develop a solid sense of pitch and rhythm with singing and fun activities. The program includes  :-

Learning musical concepts with songs and games

Active listening skills are nurtured

Develop Gross Motor Skills needed to play piano

Develop a feel for pulse and rhythm

Introduction to the patterns of music

Stage 2 – Meet the Piano – Continue to develop pitch, rhythm and pattern recognition and explore the keyboard. The program includes :-

Musical skills developed with songs and activities

Listening with purpose aids learning pieces

Start to develop Fine Motor Skills needed to play piano

Recognising pulse and rhythm heard, felt and seen

Developing directional reading skills

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